Wednesday, June 13, 2007

United 300

Because I'm inappropriately obsessed with Gerard Butler:

I know everyone's seen it already, but it cracks me up every time.

Today's good news: I held my temper through the search committee meeting. I mean, come on, out of 62 posts, only 13 were even worth using the paper to print out? What's that about?

Oh! More good news! I won a copy of Stray over at the lovely Gena Showalter's place!

In honor of the Yarn Harlot I've decided to take up the cause of the travelling sock! Picked up some Wildfoote from Brown Sheep in Woodstock. I think I'll try my first toe-ups, since I'm making this pair for men. Or maybe I'll buy yet another a skein for myself for travelling. Hmmm...generous or selfish? What to do?

"Then tonight we dine in CLEVELAND!!!!"

Sorry, had to put that one in there. Hi, Dad!

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