Monday, June 11, 2007

75 emails!

First day back at work.

Mind you, I only missed 3 days. During the summer. I came in this morning, to 75 new emails! only ten of them were junk! And I wonder why I get nothing done during the day. I still haven't gotten anything done today.

Hubby took me out shooting for the first time while we were at Camp. I'm still not thrilled with having the gun in the house, but he's a cop, so it's here. Since I don't get a vote on this one, I decided that if it's going to be here, I need to understand everything about it. So...we went shooting.

Hubby is supposed to be going to armorer and firearms instructor school soon, so I think he was using me as a guinea pig. I'm still not sure how I feel about the experience, but it turns out I'm kinda good at it. Who knew?

Hey, how about that Sopranos ending, huh? Paired with the Frug's Pasta Bolognese and the Colossi Rosso I bought in Woodstock. Going to have to look for that one in Syracuse.

Today's good news: I ate lunch in the Rose Garden.

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