Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How I know I'm having a bad day...

10. I want to buy wool. Any wool. Even heinously colored, horrendously overpriced, itchy wool.

9. I want to buy shoes. Even if I will never wear them more than once, shoes will sooth my savage soul.

8. I spend more time IMing friends than working.

7. I actually bother to confront my boss about my job.

6. Web Sudoku seems like a good use of time.

5. I have lustful thoughts about men who are not my husband. (Seeing a theme here?)

4. I begin to think that Scott Adams is spying on my office.

3. Running away is seriously considered. Maybe here.

2. I actually want my mother. You'd understand if you knew her.

1. Dropping hundreds of dollars at the Loopy Ewe seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Cheaper than therapy, right?

Yesterday's good news: found stockings for the garter belt. Only $8.50 a pop.

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